Thursday, November 27, 2008

Playing catch-up.

Yes I do remember that I have a blog in case you were wondering. We were in Texas for Christmas and constantly going, going, going. I do have Christmas pictures to upload but need to figure out how to use my new camera first so until then here is a post I started in Houston but didn't actually finish.

So every time I look at this face all of my insides turn to mush. I can't help but love this little guy when he's so stinking cute. Oh I LOVE MY BABIES.
My family thinks that these teeth are hilarious so when we get together we always end up with at least a few pictures of the billy bob teeth.
My sweet, sweet girl sleeping with her "pink bear".

Going potty.

Visiting Cousins Hailey and Gage in Beryl, Utah (where my sister lives).

Riding bikes.

Gage and Emmy were loving the sprinkles. We went to golden corral and Emmy would only eat sprinkles. Fantastic.

Emmy loves plugging her ears and making sounds and Hailey loves eating her socks.
Emmy and Her Best little friend Summer being silly.

So while in Beryl we went to this animal auction and we're walking around looking at the animals in the corrals when Emmy looks down in the sheep's pin and says, "Shhh he's so sleepy". I look down and there is a dead sleep.

So for the past oh I don't know 4 months I haven't uploaded any pictures from our ancient digital camera all of our pictures have been from our cell phones or family pics we've taken. The dang camera is such a pain to hook and so I've put it off. So since I have a few moments and I've gotten to the point that I just can't erase anymore. Here Cohen is with his cousin Abby the day before she left for Egypt about 4 months ago. But they are now on their way back and we are so excited to see them and to see how Abby has changed. Cohen loves his sister here they are in Emmy's old crib.


Rodela Family said...

Um, it's about time you finally updated your blog! Love the pics.

The Sandovals said...

oh my cuteness! glad to see you are alive! Did you guys have a good time in Te has for Christmas? Don't worry about not being able to get together its so hard with busy lives and kids! We will just keep trying!

Patti said...

What a couple of cuties your kids are! I loved the sheep story. Too funny!

MEG said...

Ug I really wanted to go to lunch but the day just wouldn't allow it! I can't tell you how disapointed I was!!! Can you let me know next time too? I'll do better at planning...

I can't wait to see you!