Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween+ OCD+randomness= more pictures.

So here are some Halloween pictures and other random pictures that I've wanted to put up for a while. Yay for pictures and the flu which has allowed me time to sit down and finally put these up.

Cohen is becoming such a happy, chubby baby. I love it.

We made a family trip to IKEA and they had these cute masks, needless to say we had to put one on Cohen. I know he's pretty cute.
Oh yes we went there. Cahlan and I decided to be(drum roll)... John McCain and Sarah Palin. And yes Cahlan does look like a dirty old man in Every picture.
Emmy was a Ballerina (I'm starting the brainwashing early) and Cohen was a Lion. And no I don't not have ambitions for my son to grow up to be a Lion it was just cute.
McCain Loves the kiddos. To bad he lost (which I'm not to happy about, but what can you do).
My friend Camille who dressed as a nun (her husband dressed as a Priest) and
Emmy's best friend Summer (who is a cute little witch).

Oh yeah I was so excited about this I made scary eyes in our windows.

My cute ballerina. She was so happy to see that no one took any candy from our house. I wasn't as pleased.

So I took this picture because I wanted to spread a rumor that McCain and Palin were having an affair. But Cahlan looks like he's about to throw up in my mouth and his bald cap was starting to peel off. So not believeable.
This was in Elko (where Cahlan's Parents live) we love going to see Nana and Papa Sharp and riding 4-wheelers.

My sleepy guys.

At the petting zoo. This is just a glimpse of what we go through to get Emmy to look at the camera. It is a rare occasion when we actually catch her face.

Emmy and her friend Presley. And my friend Jami.

Looking at "da tickens" (chickens)

So I seem to have somehow infected my poor child whith my OCD tendencies. She loves to organize things a little too much.

Here Emmy is finding a new way to play with Cohen's Exersaucer.

And i just thougt this was a cute picture. I love my girl.


The Sandovals said...

Way cute pictures! I love the eyes you did in your windows for Halloween too cute! Might have to steal that idea for next year. Love the costumes. What cute kids! Oh funny thing Jami you friend is actually in my ward. I literally live right across the street from her! Small world!

Shelly Beth said...

Wow, your presidential costumes were GREAT. I especially love your pants suit. Your kids are also so dang cute. Isabelle has a little of our OCD too. Isn't it funny?

Jamilla said...

Kim-those pictures are great. I seriously looked at the one of you and Cahlan and thought who is that nasty old man she is with, then read the description. I didn't even know it was Cahlan. Too funny. Your kids are adorable.

The Crandizzles said...

I love this post!!! It makes me miss you guys! I love your Halloween costumes!!!! Cohen doesn't even look like the same baby, they change sooo much those first few months!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

yay! It's great to see you posting on your blog. Love the Halloween pics. Your costumes are awesome!

We have the same probs trying to get Brayden to look at the camera. It must be that 2 thing!

The Art Famine- Photography said...

He he he, Cohen looks more and more like a turtle everyday.

Patti said...

I'm gladd you finally posted! SO FUN! I loved your scary eyes in your windows.

Emmy is getting so big and so pretty!

Cahlan looks creepy.

MEG said...

Okay so the first picture I saw of Cahlan I hadn't read your explanation. I thought, "wow, that must be her that the most horrible face lift I've ever seen?!"