Friday, March 2, 2012

Here we go!

  Alright here we go. I know it's been almost 2 years since my last post the funny thing is that I have actually made several attempts at updating our blog all of which have gone unfinished. Well I'm tired of starting things and not finishing them so here I go. 
  Too much has happened to even try to catch up on it all and I do regret that I don't have a well kept blog or journal to cover what has happened in the past 2 years but I'm going to change that. I have decided that I need to keep some type of record of our life because it's a roller coaster and sometimes I think it would be nice to go back and reminisce or look back and be grateful somethings are over.
   Right now is one of those times that I'm sure I'll look back on with affection and appreciation for one day but for now it's rough. 

    Here's the past 2 years in a nut shell. We added a new member to our family Ainslee Graham. He's pretty awesome. He's almost a year now and I still get excited to pick him up from his bed in the mornings. He's just so dang cute!
Cohen and Emmy attended preschool together and LOVED it. Cahlan left the company he helped start for a new GREAT paying job with amazing benefits and then decided, 2 months later, to leave that job for another start-up with no pay and no benefits, yet.Well this newest venture has landed us in the San Francisco area. So far it's been amazing! We love it out here and are so close to being completely moved in. 
   So in about a month we decided to pack up everything we own and move to the west coast. We aren't actually bringing in a pay check yet. And we have no benefits. We're not exactly sure when any of that will happen, hopefully soon. I think many people think we're completely insane and most likely we are. Some days it hits and I feel completely small and vulnerable and then something wonderful happens like we just got word that we are signing investor contracts soon, which means one day we'll receive a pay check. We can't afford preschool right now because you need money to do that, weird, and so I have the kids ALL day long all by myself with no family around and no husband because he is so insanely busy with work that I don't even want to ask him to change a diaper. He does have Sundays off, which we Relish! 
  This might sound like I'm complaining but actually I'm not. I love an adventure and this is definitely one. I have a fabulous husband that works like a mad man and in his free time (however minimal that is) holds me and our babies. He is so good at making us feel safe and secure that I have complete trust in him to take care of us. After all that's what family is for. And I am so blessed with an amazing one. I have to say that my prayers have become quite a bit more sincere in the past 2 months which is a nice side to this entree of craziness. So here we are taking on this ... adventure? Sure we'll call it that.