Monday, July 28, 2008

Cute baby.

So I just read a comment from my friend Chelsea and she asked for some newer pictures of the babies, so here they are.

Family Fun

So my family was here for like 2 months. It was awesome at times and stressful at others but in the end I just cried when they left. My parents and 2 younger sisters live in Houston, My older sister lives in Beryl, UT (yes you have probably never heard of it) and my brother live in D.C. So it's a rare occasion when we can all get together. Fortunately everyone was here for Cohen's blessing. It was so nice to have them all here. While they were here we got to take family pictures which was quite an adventure with lots of small kids but my friend Alaina did an excellent job.Along with these sisters and brother of mine came their lovely children. Honestly though they really are all adorable. Emmy doesn't get to see her cousins very often and so she had a blast with all of them.
Emmy and cousin Hailey playing in our makshift pool in Elko.

Here Emmy is Walking her cousin Trey.
Gage, Emmy and Hailey dancing. They were so funny one would scream and the others would follow.