Monday, April 6, 2009

Chasing the bandwagon.

So it has obviously been a while since I last updated my blog, in fact my background at this moment still says Merry Christmas! Things have been SO busy lately. It seems like my phone never stops ringing and there's always something coming up or some calls to make or some boogies to wipe or some pregnant sisters to visit, or meals to make for growing families or, sadly, shrinking families.
Anyways the whole point of this post is my attempt at a justification of why it has taken me so stinking long to update.So here they are my pictures from our Christmas vacation in Houston visiting my family.

Emmy with the cousins, and Aunt Kristen

Top row: Ashley, Stacy, Me Bottom Row: Stacy and Ashley, and then Kelly. There were these insanely strong hand dryers at the mall so ... we decided the cease this picture opportunity.

This is my nephew, Reese, he feel asleep in the middle of a tanrum and this is how he ended up. The last picture is my brother Ricky and Reese.

These pictures are from my Dad's Retirement party, too bad he didn't actually retire.

My sister Ashley , she is probably the best babysitter EVER! Oh and me and Cohen sharing a tortilla.

My Nephew Trey , Cohen, and Emmy.

Christmas morning


The Crandizzles said...

Well at least we know you're still alive anyway! Your babies are getting big!!! That little Cohen doesn't really look like an old Asian man anymore...:) and that's awesome you have a nephew named Reese!

Dev said...

I thought you were M.I.A. :-)
Glad to see a new post with fun pictures. Can't wait to see more! We need to get together soon!

The Sandovals said...

Finally I new post! Cute pictures of your little family. I had so much fun catching up with you the other day! Let take the kids to a park sometime! Hope your doing well.