Friday, November 20, 2009

Halloween (SPOOKY!!)

Halloween was fun this year even though we completely missed our Trunk or treat because we thought it was an hour later than it actually was. We still dinged and donged some doors and ended up with more than enough candy. Then we went to the Willit's for their awesome Halloween party they throw every year. These people are crazy in the the best way possible. Their house was completely covered in black paper and then they pained with black light paints to make it look like we were in Halloween town from the Nightmare before Christmas it was very cool.
In October I hosted Bunco at our house so of course we dressed up. It was so much fun.(p.s. I'm supposed to be pregnant and smoking hence, white trash)
Also in an attempt to become more like Martha I tried to at least once a week during October to make a spooky dinner, We had Mummy enchiladas, Witch sandwiches and Mummy Hot dogs we all had fun with it.
These are my witches

These are Cahlan's. :)

We also carved pumpkins, Emmy and Cohen picked the bat and Cahlan decided he would be adventurous and tried to carve the Decepticon face on his pumpkin. I thought it turned out quite well, he didn't think so.

Emmy's Dance class just before Halloween. They're all at that obsessed with Princesses stage.

Our spooky Eye windows

Emmy's preschool field trip in October was at Thanksgiving point they had all kids of fun stuff. It was so nice because my brother Ricky and his wife Kristen and their two bays came up to visit for a week we had so much fun with them it was a blast.

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