Sunday, October 25, 2009

Preschool, Birthdays and Family Home Evenings.

I think every post I do I'm playing catch-up so in light of that ... here's a run down of a few things that have gone on in the Sharp family lately.

About a month ago Emmy started preschool It's co-op which means that I teach with 7 other mom's and we take turns. Emmy has loved it. She only goes twice a week but really loves all of her "school friends". I really enjoy teaching too although technically I've only taught once since my first time we did a field trip to an apple orchard. But it has been a great experience so far. So here are some pictures.

Emmy's first day of preschool she was so excited to use her pencil bag.
This was on our field trip to the orchard.

And this is Emmy and her very best friend Summer. They enjoy each other so much.
Picking our own Apples.

All the kids in the Apple Bin.
These pictures are from a family home evening we had and as you can tell the kids were engrossed. Daddy is always so on top of it with the visuals.

Emmy's 3rd birthday was on September 26, we made Mickey Mouse pancakes and Emmy got to eat on the "You are special" plate.
Cohen looks like he's giving a recognition glance here. "What mom?"

I just had to put these pictures up because I couldn't believe how big she looks here. My sweet girl is growing up. Tear. (happy tear)


Shelly Beth said...

Wow. She is getting so big! 3 is just around the corner for my little one. I can't believe it has been that long already! Your kids are so dang cute, by the way!

Amy and Andrew said...

hey kim!!! it was so fun to catch up with you the other day! i hope you are liking your hair! I have gotten back into the blogging world. our new blog address is!

The Crandizzles said...

She does look old, especially with her long hair!! And Cohen is a stud! You are going to have troubles with these kids when they're teenagers! :)

Patti said...

I can't believe how big she is! Adorable!