Friday, November 14, 2014

Family pictures make me a horrible parent.

     I  have these beautiful children that some how turn into the whiniest most tired, most hungry, most bored children on the planet right when I'm trying to capture how perfectly happy and flawlessly beautiful we all are. 
    And we turn into the worst parents ever. I mean like if Parent Magazine came along on our photo shoot they would revoke our subscription. We're throwing out all kinds of bribes and threats and then more bribes and then threatening to take away the bribes we just promised. 

    I realized after looking through all of our pictures that Cohen is really the only one in our family that knows how a photo shoot is supposed to work. He pretty much looks like a model in every picture.

The rest of us struggle.

    Oh this one was fun. After lots of conversation about the proper way to throw leaves in the air. Ainslee belly flopped on Evie. I believe this shot captures the moment just before the landing.
   Evie was ticked the whole time because she just wanted to snack on either someones hair or my neckless. Poor Emmy.

    And then there is this one. He basically lives in a superhero movie ALL DAY LONG. But only the really intense scenes. 

   Fortunately I have this amazing friend, Alaina, who, despite the reenactment of a miniature 300, is still good enough to capture enough shots that we can print off to prove to our children one day that we really were the perfect family. 

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Alaina said...

I can't stop giggling at your perfect captions for this awesome day. You were cool as a cucumber! Taking pictures of my own kids makes me feel murderous so I understand ;)