Saturday, April 14, 2012

Food, Friends, Family and Fun

This picture pretty much sums up the past couple of months for us. Going going going. It's been awesome. (notice how they're all holding hands. I love it.
So first at the beginning of March we got to go the the Greatest place on earth DISNEYLAND! Where we had a blast with our "besties" the Kenyons. It was magical and delicious.   

Here he is, the stud in the flesh, Sadly we didn't make home with these sweet shades. We did make it home with the child however.
So excited to go ride us some rides!

Cuties on a carousel.

Trying so hard to wait patiently.
So scared to go on the tower of terror. AHHHH! That ride is awesome if you don't mind losing your stomach through your nose.
So emmy has an obsession with humpback and blue whales. So when we found this Pink sparkly one she was in HEAVEN. She even named her. Crap I forgot the name and she's sleeping.

                         Camille and Summer about to get pummeled by the Gadget's Go coaster.
Princess lunch with just the girls. 

 My sweetie. This picture so describes Emmy. Man I love that little face so much! She is such a sweetie and such a happy girl. Pretty much all of the time.
Which one is the real Snow White.
Orangey smiles!
Splash mountain! I may have tinkled my pants a little here. May.
Our girl Minnie.

That's right Dumbo. When I tell you to go up you go up when I say down you better get!

Dancing Face. Get it girl!

                                                 Cute boy so happy to be out of the stroller.
                                           Whoa, it may be a small world but it's fascinating.
                                      Pew pew pew pew pew pew. (shooting sounds)
                                 Poor Emmy got a little spooked by a bee. I would have made the same face.

So once we got back from Disneyland, like literally the next day My brother Ricky and his wife Kristen and their 3 beautiful boys came for a visit. Oh and let me just say that family that will drive 27 hours with 3 energetic boys in 2 days is completely crazy but so freaking awesome. I have the most fabulous family.
Here he his enjoying some well deserved pizza, that actually wasn't all that fantastic. Sad. While they were here we saw A LOT of things. Like...

The Presidio, which is amazing. This is the Cemetery but the whole Presidio is Gorgeous.

The sea lions at Pier 39.

The Aquarium at the Bay

A starfish giving me the bird. 

The tunnels at the Aquarium where we got to see them feed to the fish little tin squids. It was kind of creepy actually. 

We also ate lots of cool food like this place if you like garlic this place is money.

Cohen and Reese in Zombie mode.

Chinatown. It was nostalgic for me but it still wasn't stinky or dirty enough.
This reminds me of the crush I used to have on Uncle Jessie with his thick black mullet and tight leather pants. 
"What ever happened to predictability
the milk man the paper boy the evening T.V.
You miss your old familiar friends but 
but waiting just around the bend..."
Where did you go Uncle Jessie?

I just love this building. It's my favorite. One day I'm going to get a really sweet shot and frame it. 

Then the day that Ricky and Kristen left Nana and Papa Sharp came for a visit. We had a blast with them too. We got to see a couple of things but mostly we just hung out an took it easy and talked and cuddled. It was fabulous. 

We did eat us some Ghirardelli Chocolatey awesomeness. 

Nana and Papa Telling Daddy bye bye at his office.

They're seriously like the perfect Grandparents. Who says bye this sweetly? They do!

And just to throw them in there when we moved here my Fabulously amazing parents drove over with us. not only did they drive with us but they drove the moving van helped us get settled and went to see a few cool things with us too. I love them best parents EVER!
This is a cute shot of my Mom and Emmy at Crissy Field. 


My Sweet/crazy/amazing little sister decided to go on a mission for our Church. She entered the Mission Field on February 8th. And I miss her like CRAZY! She is doing SO WELL and loving it so much. I'm incredibly proud of her and trying to live through her vicariously. Every letter she sends to us is addressed to us as thuggers. She may be a missionary but she's still Kelly.  I lud dat girl.

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Mandy said...

Hey! Glad to see you are loving life in Cali. So fun to have all the friends and family come to visit. I am so happy for Kelly and that she is enjoying her mission! Love the starfish giving you the bird...haha! Your kiddos are cute as ever!!