Monday, March 15, 2010

Utah Student 25

Although the Utah 25 was back in November I thought I should do a post about it FINALLY! So back in October we found out that Sharp Media was ranked in the top 25 of student Entrepreneur run companies in Utah. It was a bit of a surprise but very exciting. We didn't realize how big the competition actually was. It includes all Universities in Utah. The event was held at the Grand America Hotel. It was a black tie affair. I should also mention that before the event they called Cahlan in for a video interview, we thought they had probably just chosen him randomly, well....

Here is a nice shot of our table all of Sharp Media and Cahlan's parents' and a couple from another company. The food was awesome and of course I have to say something about the food because that is always what I am so concerned with.

The governor even came and spoke. So I got a picture, because I am a dork and acted like a total tourist the whole time.
So when we found out that Sharp Media was in the top 25 we were fully expecting to be somewhere in the bottom 10-5. They started calling companies beginning with the 25th and worked their way up well when it got to about 9 and we hadn't seen them play any other video's yet we started to get pretty excited. 8,7,6 come and go. Then 5 first video. Ah Ha so we made it into the top 5! Then 4 SHARP MEDIA!! We were so, so, so excited, And honestly pretty surprised.

Here it is the shiny piece of glass that says that Sharp Media rocks the eLearning industry.

The boys that make it all happen. Dustin Christensen, Mark Hemingway and of course Cahlan.
The women who make it all possible, Me, Janarae Hemingway and Genie Christensen.
The lover and and me. It's amazing how happy such a little piece of glass can make you.

Cahlan's Parents, came to support. They were so proud and have always been so encouraging. We love their faces and were so happy to be able to share this exciting occasion with them.

Since the Utah 25 there have been a couple of articles that BYU has published on him and the company, as well as an article in the Utah CEO Magazine. YOU GO BOY!!

Cahlan has worked so hard over the past 3 years since the company started. Cahlan has grown so much and continues to amaze me by all he does. He will be graduating with his Master's degree this April; I can not even begin to express how proud I am of him. Besides Sharp Media Cahlan has also been teaching a class at UVU (for fun) and working on his degree at BYU as well as fulfilling his calling as the Elder's Quorum President. Despite all of this he has still somehow managed to keep us (me and the kids) as his top priority. I say this not to brag that I have the most amazing husband in the entire world :) but I say it because I know he doesn't always get the credit that I feel he deserves. I love him more every day and couldn't ask for anything more.


123 checkoutourfamily said...

Congrats! I'm so glad you post to your blog occassionally b/c we hardly ever check facebook. Way to go Cahlan and family.

pinksuedeshoe said...

Wow! That is so exciting for him/you. Congrats, a little later :o)

The Cole Family D+K=D said...

Hey Kim! I found your blog through Angela Liddle's blog :) I have a blog also... e-mail me so I can send you an invite :)
Congrats on being #4! that's awesome :)
You look so pretty on all the pictures!

devinandamie said...

wow that is so awesome! good job cahlan and Kim! Kim you look stunning. Always knew you were a Sharpe guy Cahlan! I actually had no idea you started a company, but I remember you talking about it sometimes. Super cool.


The Fernandezs said...

YYAAAAAYYY ok kim, I'm officially stalking your blog! =)