Friday, July 3, 2009

Kelly Graduated!! YAY

My little sister Kelly just graduated from high school (this was the beginning of June by the way)(Ihave some catching up to do). And I got to surprise her for it I showed up at her Grad party my parents threw for her it was awesome. My mom got a stinking magician, random Right? Anyways here's the video.

P.s. Cohen's not quite used to my extremely loud family yet.

I'm so proud of her. You did it Renee! I've been pushing for her to come up here to go to school and although it was a bit of work she finally agreed to it, but not until after she goes to Russia! That's right Kelly will be going to Moscow, Russia in August to teach English to little kids (just like I did in China :). It will be such a good experience for her. I just know you'll love it. Then in the Winter I get her up here I'm so excited. I'm already planning out her housing stuff.
Kelly and her Best friends Shannon and Mallory.

The siblings that could make it Ashley, Ricky, me and Kelly of course.

At the graduation Ashley took about a million pictures of my face these are just a couple. We almost got into a fist fight. :)

Here are some random pictures , of my parents back yard, that I envy right now, and Kelly feeding Cohen in a traditional Meraz fashion.

I remember bathing Kelly and duct taping her to chairs. I remember coming home one day to find that Kelly had shaved her bangs off, although it was sad I laughed hysterically. Kelly has grown into a BEAUTIFUL , sweet young woman and I am so proud of who she is. I know I'm way to old but I love that when I go home she makes me go wrapping houses with her. I love my my sisters and my handsome brother I'm so lucky to be so dang close to all of them. Love you KellBel. Congrats!!!!

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