Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nursing woes.... Or rather the end of nursing woes.

I haven't talked about this on here yet but the first two months of Cohen's life were spent screaming pretty much all of the time. It was kind of hard to deal with since Emmy was such an easy baby; I wasn't really used to the whole super fussy thing. I only nursed Emmy until she was about 6 months old and after I quite I missed it so much, so with Cohen I was determined to nurse him for longer. After almost a month of dealing with a constantly fussy baby we decided to start trying things first we tried prevacid, which helped some but he was still just miserable so then I started cutting things out of my diet which still didn't help. Then one night I ran somewhere and Cahlan was with the kiddos. He called and I could hear the child shrieking in the background, he said that if I kept on nursing he would not watch Cohen by himself again. So I decided it was time to try somethig else. We tried a few different formulas which really didn't help that much except for the soy which seemed to help this horribly bad acne/rash he had developed all over his face, head and neck, but the soy made him severely constipated which was not fun either. So then I broke down and we started him on this ridiculous formula called alimentum. It costs about $25 for a container that lasts about 3 days. I think it must have gold dust in it or something. But after almost two weeks on it I can proudly say that we have a happy child!!!! YAY! I actually have a baby that smiles and tries to giggle. Turns out the kid is pretty much allergic to EVERYTHING! But now instead of screaming for hours and hours he will actually sleep and then wake up and eat and then have happy awake periods. So here's a shout out to Prevacid and alimentum. And I hope you enjoy the video of my happy boy.
Something that I have discovered about my new happy baby is that he is my biggest fan. He could just look at me forever. I love it when I look at him he gets the biggest grin and he coos and tries so hard to tell me all about his day it's so cute. I must say that newborns are cute but man can they be difficult.
I am so grateful for my babies and I can't imagine doing anything else right now. I always remember hearing people say how there's no love like a mother's love for her child and I really do understand that now. My family is my life and I love my life.


The Art Famine- Photography said...

Awww! He's so cute he looks like a little turtle. I cant wait to shoot his little face. When you come for Christmas I'll have to get some pics of him and Emmy together.

The Art Famine- Photography said...

Oh yeah, thanks for the link that's pretty hilarious.

Angela said...

Oh he is so sweet! It really is a lot of work to be a mom, but there is so much happiness that comes out of it! It's amazing how much babies love their moms too. It's like we're their world! I'm glad your little guy is doing good now and that you have a happy baby!

Devri said...

Gosh I feel your pain. Bria was the same way and she is now on formula that costs $26 for 16oz and we go through at least 2 a week. Thank goodness these babies are so cute huh? They make it worth it! :-) Glad to hear he is doing better. He sure is a cutie!

Patti said...

What I cute little guy he is!

And I know how you feel...Lila was the same way. It was so hard!!! But worth it. I am glad things are getting better for him!